Range Rover P38 BeCM Testing

We are the only company in the world that test ALL Range Rover BeCM's on dedicated test vehicles, our own fully equipped P38 Range Rover Test Vehicles - in our experience it is the only way that you can be sure that any and all faults with P38 BeCM's are found.

We offer a unique testing service for P38 Range Rover owners, Land Rover Dealers and Independent Workshops, After careful evaluation we have come the the conclusion that bench testing does not provide the loads necessary to confirm that a BeCM will work properly under real life conditions, we were the first and only company that only test BeCM's on a P38 Range Rover, to do this we instal the BeCM and test all the operations that the BeCM is responsible for powering or actuating fitted to a fully working P38 Range Rover and with as many functions at the same time ensuring that everything works under load, so when we test and pass a BeCM you can be sure that it all works 100%. In addition to our own exclusive in-house developed test routines, All BeCM's are then run through the full range of tests on the Genuine Dealer Diagnostic Tool - Landrover Testbook /T4 The time taken to run through all the testing takes a little under two hours for each BeCM, that is how thouough we are with our testing. Contact us for further information.

Testing - on our fully working P38 Range Rover Test Vehicle
All BeCM testing is performed on a fully working P38 Range Rover in our workshop, this ensures that we can thoroughly test the BeCM, we believe that this is the only way you can be sure that the BeCM has been tested thoroughly, bench testing is just not good enough!

Price includes full testing and a printed report of the full configuration of the BeCM and includes FOB codes and EKA code (the actual one that is used by the car)

£150.00 plus carriage at cost - for the UK we use Royal Mail Special Delivery which ensures that the BeCM arrives the following day - This costs £24.90